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Orrong Park, Prahran
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:30pm - 8:00pm

Sneakers, a mouthguard, and a want to learn.

For more information, contact Amy or Quinny.
Amy -
Quinny -
Dan Syrus (President)
0400 202 179


Melbourne Chargers R.U.F.C. Inc.
13 / 755 Plenty Road,
Reservoir VIC 3073
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Latest News
Melbourne Chargers' Masterful performance
11 Jul 2015


The Chargers have achieved a lot both on and off the pitch in recent years. But one thing had until recently eluded The Chargers - a win in the Victorian Community Rugby Masters' competition.

The Chargers first entered the Masters comp in 2012, when the fledgling club moved to new host club Melbourne Unicorns and played for the first time in Victorian club rugby under the Chargers' banner. While the grade is technically for players over 35 years, the Chargers were allowed an exemption. The Masters competition suited the Chargers well, accommodating a mid-season break for the team to take on its first Bingham Cup in Manchester in May that year.

Throughout the Masters competition that year, The Chargers battled hard against the wily veterans of Victorian rugby. Although winning respect for their courage and dedication, the boys didn't manage to win a game. But The Chargers must have gotten a lot out of it - with the experience gained from the Masters Competition, they w... READ MORE
We are the chargers
melbourne The Melbourne Chargers formed in 2009 with the purpose of creating a rugby team where new players could learn to play Rugby Union in an accepting environment and players who had left the sport because of their sexuality could play openly.

We are members of International Gay Rugby, an organisation dedicated to the organization and advancement of gay and inclusive rugby world-wide.

We aim to contribute to the promotion and development of the sport of Rugby Union in Victoria and to provide a new and diverse social opportunity for same-sex attracted people.

The club was founded on five core values by a group who love rugby and who happen to be gay. Our values are:
  1. Melbourne Chargers RUFC is inclusive and welcomes everyone with an interest in rugby whatever their age, fitness level or sexuality.
  2. We are active and promote fitness, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles in our communities.
  3. The club is encouraging and provides a supportive environment for new players to learn the sport and develop skills.
  4. The Melbourne Chargers are competitive and we continually strive to increase our performance at all levels.
  5. Melbourne Chargers Rugby is about mate-ship and fosters camaraderie on and off the field.
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Join the Charge
You don’t need to have played rugby union before; you just need to want to give it a go!

If you're interested in trying out a new sport and making some new friends, send us an email or find us on facebook.
Even if you don't think playing rugby is for you, we always appreciate new supporters, sponsors and fans.

Send us a message with any questions you might have, whether you plan to be on the field or cheering from the sidelines.