Upcoming Matches
Melbourne Chargers vs Melbourne University
  1:00PM Sat 11 Apr    
  Frog Hollow Reserve
Melbourne Chargers vs Box Hill Broncos
  1:30PM Sat 18 Apr    
  Orrong Park
Melbourne Chargers vs Barbas
  1:30PM Sat 02 May    
  Griff Hunt Reserve
Upcoming Events
In The Flesh
The Chargers get naked.
  12:00AM Sat 30 May     
Purchas Cup 2015
The Chargers are going to NZ
  12:00AM Sat 05 Sep     
  Auckland, New Zealand

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Sneakers, a mouthguard, and a want to learn.

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Melbourne Chargers R.U.F.C. Inc.
13 / 755 Plenty Road,
Reservoir VIC 3073
Latest News
Melbourne Chargers vs Maroondah Misfits
23 Mar 2015


Last Saturday the Melbourne Chargers B side opened the 2015 Masters season against the Maroondah Misfits under sunny skies in Croydon. After a series of trial hit-outs the previous weekend, the Chargers, boasting a bunch of new recruits, were raring to go.

2015 marks the third time the Chargers have entered the Masters competition in the Rebels Community Rugby competition. While technically a competition for evergreen rugby players over the tender ago of 35 (often it seems, significantly much older), the Chargers have been allowed to field a team of all ages.
Over the years the Chargers have evolved into an integral part of the Masters competition, bringing new faces to the game each week. This not only gives life to a core value of the Chargers' - inclusion - it also stops the Masters division from being the same old blokes playing each other week in, week out. Indeed, it could be said that the without the Chargers the Masters division might otherwise be mistaken for an ela... READ MORE
We are the chargers
melbourne The Melbourne Chargers formed in 2009 with the purpose of creating a rugby team where new players could learn to play Rugby Union in an accepting environment and players who had left the sport because of their sexuality could play openly.

We aim to contribute to the promotion and development of the sport of Rugby Union in Victoria and to provide a new and diverse social opportunity for same-sex attracted people.

The club was founded on five core values by a group who love rugby and who happen to be gay. Our values are:
  1. Melbourne Chargers RUFC is inclusive and welcomes everyone with an interest in rugby whatever their age, fitness level or sexuality.
  2. We are active and promote fitness, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles in our communities.
  3. The club is encouraging and provides a supportive environment for new players to learn the sport and develop skills.
  4. The Melbourne Chargers are competitive and we continually strive to increase our performance at all levels.
  5. Melbourne Chargers Rugby is about mate-ship and fosters camaraderie on and off the field.
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Join the Charge
You don’t need to have played rugby union before; you just need to want to give it a go!

If you're interested in trying out a new sport and making some new friends, send us an email or find us on facebook.
Even if you don't think playing rugby is for you, we always appreciate new supporters, sponsors and fans.

Send us a message with any questions you might have, whether you plan to be on the field or cheering from the sidelines.